• The Jollity trail consists of 12 stations that are set up on the resort site.
  • It enables guests to train their mindfulness. Mindfulness is a simple yet very powerful practice
    of training our attention and focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.
  • To exercise mindfulness creates and increases one`s joyfullness, a cheerful mind, serenity and happiness.
  • These qualities are trainable, this is current knowledge of neuroscience!
  • Because of its`effectiveness mindfulness exercises have captivated the interest of neuroscience for several years now. Worldwide there are numerous studies from universities that validate the striking impacts of mindfulness exercises.
  • You will find a list of references for research / studies here.
  • Jollity trail offers a potpourri of diversified exercises for both beginners and guests who already know about the practice of mindfulness.
  • The Jollity trail extends the range of your resort offers.